Heavy Duty Bag Closing BELT Conveyor System

Kosha Seal-Pack


  • Conveyor Bag Stitching unit makes your bagging work Clean, Fast & Effortless
  • When adopted online, can give you a top packing speed of 1000 bags per hour (20 meters / minute)
  • Double action foot switch gives operator hands free control - one press of foot switch gets the conveyor rolling & a further press activates the stitching head
  • Sewing Machine mounted on Telescopic column; Machine height is adjustable as per Bag size; by rotating fly wheel

Technical Specification

Model CONV 2000 - SL
Conveyor Belt type
Available conveyor length 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 meters or as required
Sewing head height adjustment 250mm to 1000mm from Conveyor Belt Level
Travel Speed (fixed) 6 to 20 meters per minute or as required
Electric Motors
  • Conveyor : 1hp, 940rpm
  • Sewing Head : ½hp, 2800rpm
Stitching Machine
  • Chain Stitch Type; option of Single Needle
  • 2 Threads (1 line of stitch) or Two Needles, 4 Threads (2 lines of parallel stitch)
Net Weight 3 Meters - 300 kg.