Semi Automatic Low Table Strapping Machine

Sealing Machine


  • This is a high-speed packet / pouch / bag sealing machine. The pouch moves ‘horizontally’ (in sleeping position) or ‘vertically’ (in standing position) depending on model chosen.
  • Ideal for all types of light to medium weight packets (upto 1-2 kg in wt.)
  • Sealing Speed : Upto 20 Packets per minute. Can be increased depending on pack size & operator capacity
  • Machine is robust model, with conveyor, which pulls the packets along, as they get sealed
  • NEW Feature – Sealing Speed is Adjustable. You can increase / decrease your m/c speed as per your suitability
  • Sealing Width also Adjustable – from 5 mm to 15 mm
  • Temperature Adjustment – upto 300° C

Technical Specification

Height of Machine From top to bottom 2 1/2 feet approx
Material of Construction (MOC) Heavy Fabrication Body
Paint Finish Powder Coated Paint Finish
Drive Double Ball Bearing Drive System
Belt System Variable Belt Drive for Motor & Teflon Belt Drive for Sealing
Length of M/c 3 feet approx
Speed of Motor 25 RPM
Width of Conveyor 4 inches standard
Sealing Width 15 mm standard
Temperature Range 0 - 300° C
Max. Conveyor Load 10 Kgs
Weight of M/c 40 Kgs